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Maitresse Madeline really got turned on by Rico's special touch in a sexsual femdom update : "Then, he makes the mistake of opening his mouth. Just to teach him what her name is, she lays a set of cane stripes on him that he will likely never forget. 'You thought you were going to come here and show off, that I would be easy on you, didn't you?' Sadistic chuckles betray her sheer amusement through the ball slapping, squeezing, pulling, cock twisting and general mayhem she unleashes below his waist

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Some people love to show off their fancy rope bondage suspension scenes. Major is the perfect example. I am never going to pick up a model and hoist her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. While I can slowly frighten a woman by planting a small seed of doubt in her mind as to the nature of my intentions once I have her helpless, I cannot physically impose her with a tall powerful build and a grip like steel

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Audrey greets her with a warm smile and invites Trixie in to consult a map. Inside, Audrey and roommate Sonya seize the opportunity to make this innocent girl their cute little fuck slave.

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"So nicely, I cant but slam it with my favorite toys. Annika finishes her off by fucking her in the ass and has his cock caned before Summer leaves him in detention!"

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Teach her a presentation routine that holds her cunt and mouth in service till released Hold her in humiliating positions, whip and clip her.

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